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  • One-on-One LearningSet up a personal study session with the Rabbi on the topic of your choice.Read More
  • Lag BaOmerThe birthday of Jewish mysticism . . . The spiritual significance of the bow and arrow . . . Can love be true, and can truth be loving? . . . What is Kabbalah?
  • Mitzvahs & TraditionsShabbat, kosher, mezuzah, tefillin, mikvah . . . The essence of Judaism is in its rituals and observances. A selection of websites offering information and guidance on some of the most basic mitzvot.
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Sometimes the sages tell us, “This wisdom is out of bounds. This contains truths for which you are not yet ready.” If your soul is intact, the thirst for that wisdom will become unbearable and you will have no choice but to satisfy it. In truth, that is the secret reason we are given all these...
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